Building Web Applications

Using JavaScript, MochiKit and Dojo

Part I - Introduction to JavaScript

Anant Narayanan

Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur

Overview - Part I

What are web applications?

Why web applications?

Why NOT web applications?

Traditional web applications

Enter JavaScript!

So how does it work?

How do we interact with HTML?

What can we do with DOM?

Need more interactivity with the server?

What's different?

User feels less bored!

How do I do this AJAX stuff?

There MUST be an easier way!

  • Sure, that's what MochiKit and Dojo are for!
  • Toolkits come to the rescue
  • Give you a neat, unified way of doing things in JavaScript
  • Lots of reusable code, hardly anyone writes "raw" JavaScript nowadays
  • Any questions so far?