Building Web Applications

Using JavaScript, MochiKit and Dojo

Part II - MochiKit

Anant Narayanan

Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur

Overview - Part II


MochiKit makes JavaScript suck less!

Using MochiKit

Program, don't design with this!

Let's take a look at them...

AJAX with MochitKit.Async

Functional programming with MochiKit.Base

MochiKit.Base (continued)

DOM it with MochiKit.DOM

MochiKit.Color and MochiKit.DateTime

MochiKit.Format and MochiKit.Iter

Debug with MochitKit.Logging

Handle events with MochiKit.Signal

Spice up with MochiKit.Style and MochiKit.Visual

Dojo and better at this kind of stuff :)

MochiKit.DragAndDrop and MochiKit.Sortable

The MochiKit JavaScript Interpreter

Okay that's enough of programming...

How do I make websites with amazing looks?

Dojo will take care of your appearance...

Any questions so far?